Growing Uptake of Solar Energy to Boost Adoption of Solar Street Lightings and Driving Growth of the Solar Street Lightings Market

The primary energy source of outdoor street lighting units is solar power and a lot of them are made to operate in a standalone mode, which makes them independent from the general power grid. They are increasingly dependent on sunlight and require the lighting units after installed in such a location so that it can receive ample sunlight.

Which are the key factors driving growth of the global solar street lighting market?

The global solar street lighting market is gaining traction from the support of numerous governments globally. These governments are increasingly trying to conserve energy and lower carbon footprints. The continuous rising energy and cost of energy are augmenting demand for electricity, globally, has prompted number of governments for involving the international and regional non-governmental organizations (NGOs) for declaring working of these several programs and schemes.

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What are the factors hindering growth of the global solar street lighting market?

The global solar street lighting market is expected to face problems such as promotion of a new technology that is filled with strong conventional products and rivals. The customers are treading with doubts due to low level of awareness about overall benefits of supporting and relatively costlier technology. Furthermore, implementation of solar street lightings in some locations is difficult as the sunlight is varied with the change in locations. Thus, even without considering unpredictable weather conditions. These factors are hampering adoption of the solar street lighting and hampering growth of the market.

Some of the key players operating in the global solar street lighting market include Solar Street Lights USA, Solar Lighting International Inc.,, Silicon Solar, and Solar Electric Power Co.

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