Growing Share of Glyphosate-Resistant Field Crops in Agriculture Advancing Potential of Glyphosate Market

glyphosate market

Glyphosate is an herbicide that has gained worldwide popularity as a ubiquitous weed killer over the past several decades. Weed whackers, farmers, and gardeners use the herbicide especially for broadleaf weeds and grasses. World over, its use has been intensely reviewed by regulatory agencies, most notably the U.S. EPA. Broadly, this has lent credibility to each the products bagging registration in the glyphosate market.

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Over the past several years, the use of glyphosate has gathered traction in integrated pest management in various key regional markets such as in North America. The growing trend of glyphosate-resistant field crops in agriculture in the U.S. imparted a big impetus to the consumption of this class of herbicide. Advances in genetic engineering techniques used in agriculture have expanded the array of glyphosate-resistant field crops, reinforcing the demand for glyphosate.

Carcinogenic Properties under Scanner; Agrochemical Companies Reiterate on Safety and Effectiveness 

However, over the past few years, the glyphosate market has come under a scanner among end users due to its potential carcinogenic properties. The concerns, indeed, have been at the heart of debates in scientific circles in numerous countries. Despite being given a go-ahead by the U.S. EPA, the use of glyphosate will continue to attract negative criticism. Agrochemical companies, nonetheless, are vouching for the safety of this weed control tool.

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Going forward, the safety and effectiveness of the weed killer will be the subject of intense, independent evaluation in scientific circles, and may lead to gloomy future of the glyphosate market. On the other hand, stakeholders in the market will unarguably commit sizable funds in researching on the quantifying ecological and human health impacts. This might pave way for the need for new formulations basked by toxicity studies. Stridently, such research initiatives will open new streams of revenues for manufacturers and suppliers in the glyphosate market.

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