Growing Prevalence of Obesity and Diabetes is Driving Development of Global Compression Therapy Market

compression therapy market

Compression therapy is important for the management of treatment for chronic venous insufficiency. There are several other chronic disorders that can be treated with compression therapy. The illness is also called as venous valvular reflux. This condition is becoming increasingly common as the disorders such as diabetes continue to affect hundreds of thousands of people across the globe. As per the findings published the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), there are more than 30 million diabetic patients in the US alone. In addition to this, around 25% of these patients are completely unaware of their underlying condition. Moreover, more than 84 million US adults show symptoms of prediabetes condition. And, nearly 90% of these patients are completely unware of the medical conditions. Furthermore, these conditions exhibit a very close association with other disorders such as extreme ulceration. It is projected that the per year expense of the treatment for these chronic condition of venous insufficiency are likely to range from US$ 2 billion per year and more.

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Additionally, several randomized trials have been able to prove the efficiency of these compression therapies with success rate as high as 97% in terms of healing. In addition to this, the treatment also helps in benefiting the changes on skin, patients with edema, and weeping among others. The growing prevalence of diabetes and obesity across the urban areas around the globe are some of the key factors that are helping to drive the development of the global compression therapy market.

Some of the key developments in the global compression therapy market are:

  • Recently, Becton Dickenson and Company announced that the company has received the premarket approval for its brand new Venevo venous stent. This new product is an upcoming promising treatment for the iliofemoral venous occlusive diseases. The stent provides the promise of newer opportunities for the companies operating in the global compression therapy market.

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