Growing Pet Companionship to Drive Growth in Veterinary Eye Hospital

Animals, today, are not just seen as pets. They are guide animals as well as companions. This is leading to an increase in expenditure on them. It is also quite pertinent to point out here that as care for these animals is increasing, demand for better healthcare is only a natural outcome. This is the reason that global veterinary eye care market is set to witness growth over the coming few years. New opportunities will mark the landscape of the global veterinary eye care market. As a result valuation would spike up notably.

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As per TMR Research, since eye injuries are growing in incidence and are a major reason of animal debilitation, demand in the market is set to grow from 2019 to 2029. It is interesting that not only does the market include surgical procedures as well as products such as ointments. Players in the market are also quite proactive and that is set to drive the market forward – with individual efforts at growth summing up, taking the growth trajectory upward. Increasing number of pet parents is being noted worldwide and as expenditure on their healthcare grows, demand for eye care will grow in tandem.

Distinguished global veterinary eye care market players are Zoetis, Boehringer Ingelheim, Bayer, Merck, TVM, Akorn, Nutri-Vet, MiracleCorp, Farnam, I-Med Animal Health, Beaphar, and Vetericyn, among others. The host of growth strategies used to drive the global veterinary eye care market forward includes a slew of organic measures. A number of inorganic ones are also marking the landscape.

In the month of April, year 2018, the company called Optigen was acquired by Mars Petcare. ECFA was acquired by Pathway in the year 2017. ECFA is Eye Care for Animals. These moves have consolidated players’ market position. And, it is pertinent to note here that these have also increased degree of competition.

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