Growing Outcry for Proper Illumination During Surgeries is the Main Reason behind the Rise of Surgical Lights Market

Poor lighting conditions can be very hazardous and life threatening for any patients undergoing surgery. At times, when there is enough light in the operation theatre, surgeons often complain that it is not well directed so that they can operate at full efficiency. The bottom line is effective lighting is key component of any hospital or medical organization and is directly connected to the health and well-being of patients undergoing different kinds of surgeries. Such dire need of proper lighting has led to the rise of the global surgical lights market. Many hospitals and medical institutes are opting for sound, economic, and high-quality surgical lights to help doctors and medical professionals to operate more efficiently.

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There has been increasing demand for finding a right balance between the luminance of the light and the shadow it casts. It is only projected to fuel the growth of the global surgical lights market as companies are striving to develop innovative products that meet the outcry from the end-use verticals. One such instance was in April 2019 when Getinge Group announced a new product in their wide range of existing surgical lights. The product was named Macquet PowerLED II and is now commercially available across the US market. These surgical lights can be fitted in all types of operating rooms such as general as well as hybrid. They offer great range of features that help in providing ample lights during surgeries.

Some key geographical insights about the global surgical lights market are listed below:

  • The global surgical lights market is divided into five key regions such as Asia Pacific, North America, the Middle East and Africa, South America, and Europe.
  • Of these, the global market is led by the North America market due to the growing use across operating rooms and ambulatory centers. Additionally, increasing surgical procedures, growth of the medical devices industry is also helping to fuel the growth of the surgical lights market.

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Philips NV, Shenzen Mindray Bio-Medical Electronic Co., BihlerMED, and Getinge Group are some of the key companies operating in the global surgical lights market.

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