Growing Number of Tournaments and Leagues to Bolster Demand for Racing Drones

In the past couple of years, the demand for drones has increased rapidly due to its increasing application in various industries. It used in agriculture, defense, surveillance, entertainment, and few others as it helps in capturing wider image with high resolution of the area. Now its application is also seen in different sports activities.

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Growing popularity of tech-controlled and luxury sports has increased the demand for racing drones at a significant rate. The images and videos captured by drones involve use of first person video or first-person view (FRV). This help drone pilots to track their drone routes during the race. Rising number of tech-enthusiasts has also given an impetus to growth in the global racing drones market. However, this technology is in its nascent stage, its demand will thrive in the forthcoming years. Moreover, technological advancements taking place to further enhance the feature in racing drones that will provide a fillip in this market.

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Numerous private companies are coming up different tournaments. For instance, Quadcopter Aerial Racing Organization and Promotion (QAROP) introduced drone racing in Australia in 2014, which became a trend across globe. After that, use of drones in sports activities increased substantially. Some of the other leagues and tournaments that use racing drones include Trick Wiki, Pilots, and MultiGP introduced. Different leagues have require different type’s drones with different configuration, features, and components. Due to these possibilities and rising demand for high-quality drines, there are high chances of growth of racing drones in the near future.

Author: Rohit Bhisey

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