Growing Need for Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emission Stokes Demand in Bio-based Epoxy Resins Market

Epoxy resins are advanced thermosetting resins which include a wide range of crosslinking polymers along with unsaturated polyester resins, amino resins, phenol-formaldehyde resins. However bio-based epoxy resins are mainly made of plant-based carbon instead of petroleum-based carbon. Such bio-based epoxy resins use green chemistry techniques for producing less hazardous bi-products and also requires less energy, thus helps in reducing the greenhouse gas emission during the production of resins.

Bio-based epoxy resin possess properties which makes them unique and attractive over the conventional epoxy resins. Such properties are low VOC, superior strength, low odor, no nasty smell, UV resistance transparency, and superiority over petroleum-based epoxy resins. Such USPs are expected to fuel the growth in the global bio-based epoxy resins market.

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Going forward, the global bio-based epoxy resins market is expected to grow at a solid pace owing to its favorable properties and persistent demand for bio-based epoxy resins in various industries.

Rising Electronics and Coatings Industry to Fuel Bio-based Epoxy Resins Market

Bio-based epoxy resins are widely adopted in the building industry for making the sealant and floor cover, and also extensively used in building and adhesives materials. Other than building industry, bio-based epoxy resins are also used in manufacturing industry for making glass and fiber products such as electrical circuit boards, adhesive and sealant, marine crafts, water repelling products, and rainwater tanks. Hence, rising applications of bio-based epoxy resins, and growing demand for bio-based epoxy resins materials and products are also projected to propel the global bio-based epoxy resins market.

Furthermore, rising use of adhesives and composites in various industries, growing paints and coatings industry and electronic industry, and increasing demand for improving production capacity in various industries are expected to drive the global bio-based epoxy resins market. Bio-based epoxy resins can be produced by canola, plant oils, hemp, vegetable glycerol, and soybean oil. These resins exhibit eco-friendly nature along with low cost. All such benefits are also expected to thrust the global bio-based epoxy resins market.

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