Growing Inclination toward Healthy Lifestyle to Propel Growth of Nonalcoholic Beer Market

The nonalcoholic beer market expects to witness an upward trajectory in the growth rate during the forecast period. Growing awareness about the need for preventing alcohol consumption to avoid its ill-effects is the prime factor for growth generation in the nonalcoholic beer market. In addition rising coronary heart disease and hypertension cases due to alcohol consumption may further trigger the growth of the nonalcoholic beer market. Based on distribution, the nonalcoholic beer market is classified into offline and online channels. Offline channels include supermarkets and hypermarkets. Online channels include e-commerce sites. The online segment is expected to witness a surge, as people will prefer social distancing and avoid unnecessary crowding at markets due to the threat of novel coronavirus disease.

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Production of nonalcoholic beer variants by beer manufacturers to benefit the nonalcoholic beer market

To expand their product segment and spin the web of an expanded consumer base, beer manufacturers like Carlsberg, Budweiser, and Heineken have jumped in the production of nonalcoholic beers. The launch of nonalcoholic beer named Kirin Greens Free by Japan’s oldest brewery, Kirin, is a classic instance.

Acquisitions and collaborations are a common scenario in the nonalcoholic beer market. For instance, Scottish beer manufacturer Brewdog has collaborated with Lamb of God, an American heavy metal band to release a new non-alcoholic beer named Ghost Walker. Such collaborations ramp up the public relations activities and help in better promotion of nonalcoholic beers. Hence, such trends are expected to be constantly highlighted during the forecast period.

In addition, stringent age limit norms and considerably high taxes on alcoholic beverages in some regions may also prove strong factors for the growth of the nonalcoholic beer market.

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Some cultures and religions prohibit alcohol consumption. Hence, regions with significant influence of such cultures and religions can also prove to be growth multipliers for the nonalcoholic beer market.

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