Growing Geriatric Population to Drive Growth in Global Cognitive Assessment and Training Market

Double digit growth is anticipated to be charted by global cognitive assessment and training market over the forecast period of 2019 to 2029. Increasing awareness regarding the topic is a major growth factor and is expected to create gainful growth opportunities over the forecast period. Brain training is also being considered in commercial and school settings. One of the biggest and most notable factors of growth in the market is technological advancement. Innovations brought forth over the last few years have laid a strong foundation for future growth.

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It is interesting to note here that 16.66% population will be aged 65 and above by 2050. In 2018, the number of people in this age group was higher than the number of people in the age group of 5 and below. This was historic in the sense that such a demographic shift has never been seen before. This demographic creates notable demand for these products. Parents of young children are more aware regarding cognitive impairment and this too is a notable growth factors.

Players in the global cognitive assessment and training market are quite proactive towards growth. They are highly focused on better product development, and technological advancement. In 2017, Cambridge Cognition and CPT forged an alliance to improve outcome for Parkinson’s patients. Acquired funds were put to research purposes.

The fragmented vendor landscape of global cognitive assessment and training market is quite competitive. Some of the top names in the global cognitive assessment and training market are Cambridge Cognition Ltd. (Cambridge, U.K.),Cogstate Ltd. (New Haven, U.S.),Bracket (Pennsylvania, U.S.), MedAvante, Inc. (New Jersey, U.S.), Quest Diagnostic (New Jersey, U.S.), ProPhase, LLC (New York, U.S.), CogniFit (New York, U.S.), ERT Clinical (Pennsylvania, U.S.), NeuroCog Trials (North Carolina, U.S.), ERT Clinical (Pennsylvania, U.S.), Pearson Education (London, U.K.), CRF Health (London, U.K.), and Brain Resource Company (New South Wales, Australia), among others.

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