Growing Diabetic Rate across Globe Drives Sugar Substitutes Market

Rising awareness pertaining to health risks caused due to consumption of sugar is creating tremendous growth opportunity for growth of the sugar substitutes market in coming years. Sugar, when consumed on regular basis, might pose significant health risks. Some of the risks associated with intake of sugar are obesity, fatty liver, cancer, diabetes, heart diseases, diabetes, and skin ageing among others.

In order to mitigate such risks and follow a healthy lifestyle, people are inclined towards consumption of sugar substitutes.

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Food and Beverage Industry Contribute to Growth of Sugar Substitutes Market

Sugar substitutes are primarily food additive that provide the taste of sugar, though contains less of food energy when compared to original sugar.

Sugar substitute market is witnessing substantial demand rate from food and beverage industry. The food manufactures make use of sugar substitutes in large quantity instead of actual sugar in the food items. For example, food and beverage manufacturing companies are substituting sugar and corn syrup with sugar substitutes. 

Some of the food items containing sugar substitute are sodas, cereals, dietary foods, sugar-free, and desserts among others.

Rising Demand for Zero-Calories Food Items Underpins Sugar Substitutes Market

Moreover, growing number of health-conscious customers are demanding for low-calories, or say zero-calories products. This, in turn, is contributing to growth of the sugar substitute market. Sugar substitutes are widely being adopted for ice creams, puddings, dairy products, powdered drink mixes, jellies, candies, and jams among others.

Further, besides reducing the usage of sugar in food items, application of sugar substitutes also reduces the overall manufacturing cost of the food items. This factor is providing lucrative growth opportunities to create a competitive advantage among the players in the global sugar substitutes market.

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Also, it provides wide platform for further research and development of the sugar substitutes. This will help in expansion of the sugar substitutes market.

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