Growing Demand in Paper Industry to Drive Diphenyl Sulfone Market

The diphenyl sulfone market has been anticipated to expand at a noteworthy speed in the forthcoming years. The growth avenues in the diphenyl sulfone market are attributed to numerous factors, for instance, increasing the use of these products in the pharmaceutical and paper industries. This increasing product application is owing to the favorable properties as well as significant applications. Thus, based on these factors, the diphenyl sulfone market has been predicted to grow at a rapid pace in the near future.

In the paper manufacturing industry, diphenyl sulfone is used as the sensitizer in order to complete thermal paper coatings. It is also stated that diphenyl sulfone is used as sensitizer in the majority of the thermal paper grade. In addition to this, the compound can also be used as sensitizer with the conventional technique of the aqueous coating that is followed by the procedure of drying and calendaring onto the pre-coated base paper. Thus, based on these increasing uses, the diphenyl sulfone market has been projected to grow at a noteworthy speed in the coming years.  

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Application Insight in Diphenyl Sulfone Market

The application of diphenyl sulfone has always been momentous across the pharmaceutical industry. For example, the drug known as Promin has been substituted by the antibiotic Dapsone and is chemically known as diaminodiphenyl sulfone. The drug is used against the treatment of leprosy. The drug is used effectively in order to provide effective treatment results for the diseases. On the flip side, there are certain effects of the drugs that are predicted to sideline the use of drugs gradually. Thus, this factor is likely to limit the use of the product and thus curtail the growth avenues in the diphenyl sulfone market during the forecast period.

Dapsone has also been used in order to provide effective treatment against some specific skin diseases, for instance, dermatitis herpetiformis that generally occur on the elbows, knees, and scalp. This infection is caused due to HIV. So, these factors may boost the diphenyl sulfone market growth throughout the forecast period.

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