Growing Demand for Silver from Electronics Industry to Fuel Global Silver Ore Mining Market

San Francisco, California, January 30, 2019 : Silver ore mining is the process of extracting silver by mining. Silver is mostly found in a nascent form, but usually combines with arsenic, sulfur, chlorine, and antimony. It is also combined with various ores such as chlorargyrite, argentite, and galena. As silver is often alloyed with other metals, it should be further extracted through electrolysis or amalgamation. The silver ore mining market has been lucrative over the years as silver is considered a precious metal which is often used in production of coins. Silver is usually extracted from ore by chemical leaching or smelting.

Going forward, the global silver ore mining market is expected to grow at a solid pace due to the enormous demand for silver in various industries.

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Increasing Preference for Silver Jewelry to Boost Global Silver Ore Mining Market

Silver is widely used in industrial fabrication. Apart from this, growing demand for silver from electricals and electronics industries is also said to be driving the global silver ore mining market. Consumer-driven model in silver ore mining process helps in improving ore quality, mine safety, and reduces cost. Furthermore, rising preference for silver wear or silver jewelry over costly metals such as gold, and platinum is also expected to boost the global silver ore mining market. Along with these, increasing disposable income, burgeoning youth population, and changing trends in using low cost and safe materials for jewelry is projected to be fueling the growth in the global silver ore mining market.

Many key players are making deliberate efforts to offer extraordinary and attractive designs in silver jewelry, which in turn is expected to augment demand in global silver ore mining market.

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However, frequent incidence of mining accidents may hinder the growth in the silver ore mining market. Nonetheless, such deterrent may not impact the robust growth momentum of the global silver ore mining market in the near term.

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