Growing Demand for Bio-Based Bioinsecticides to Benefit Growth of the Bioinsecticides Market

The bioinsecticides market is expected to gain traction due to surging incidences of pest attacks on the flower, vegetable cultivation, fruits, and another agricultural field. The growing need for biological pest control is fuelling the growth of the bioinsecticides market. The growing demand for innovative bioinsecticides is encouraging players to invest in the research and development significantly which is fueling the growth of the bioinsecticides market.

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What other factors are propelling the growth of the bioinsecticides market?

The demand from the developed regions of the global bioinsecticides is growing on the back of a tall demand for exotic vegetables and fruits produced with bio-based products. Seeds and soil treatments are treated with the inclusion of bioinsecticides for encouraging the growth of crops and with high immunity level.

Bioinsecticides are generally used for jassids, control aphids, thrips, stem and leaf borders. Crop, fruit plants, and other crops such as eggplant, tomato, pepper, roses, gerbera, chilies, and cucumber are some of the key applications of bioinsecticides. Bioinsecticides are used in conjugation with other rodenticides and pesticides.

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Usage of viruses as bioinsecticides is practiced with caution. They are used in weak forms and spread near roots.

What are the key strategies adopted for growth in the bioinsecticides market?

The important companies such as Marrone Bio Innovations, Inc. and Agri Star have signed an agreement with distribution and marketing of two bioinsecticides. This tie-up is for sale of Mexico as the region has larger farms and which is leading to attracts a large consumption of agricultural products. Some of the key companies operating into bioinsecticides market are Bayer AG, Monsanto, Curtis, and Syngenta.

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