Growing Concern for the Environment to Drive Paper Straws Market

Most people are moving towards non-plastic straws. Of all non-plastic straws, paper straws are regarded as single-use, hygienic products which are found in soda shops, bars & lounges, restaurants, and other places. Straws that are made of paper sustain quite well over the course of a meal. They also degrade away faster once discarded. Paper straws do not affect the environment adversely. The sustainability and improvised nature of paper straws are anticipated to stimulate the growth of global paper straws market over the period of forecast.

Made from raw materials such as recycled paper and virgin kraft pulp, paper straws are single-use disposable products which are quite environment friendly. Considered as one of the best alternatives to plastic, paper straws are recyclable, biodegradable, and compostable.

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High Demand from the Food Service Sector to Drive Market Growth

Growing inclination of consumers towards environment friendly as well as convenient products is one of the crucial factors that are driving the growth of the global paper straws market. Consumers are unfailingly attracted towards appealing, single-use and eco-friendly products. Hence, manufacturers are paper straws are trying to provide printed paper straws with innovative designs so as to catch attention of the consumers. Straws that are made of 3 to 4 layers of paper wrapped around a mold and additives are more durable than the existing paper straws. These straws are considered as better option than conventional straws and, as such, the global paper straw market is foreseen to witness growth during forecast period.

The industry of food service is an extremely important contributor towards the growth of global paper straw market owing to massive demand of paper straws. Rising demand for paper straws from an increasing number of food outlets is also stimulating the growth for global paper straw market.

Furthermore, there has been a phenomenal shift in the food and beverage consumption pattern. Online food delivery platforms in emerging economies such as India and China give 40% return on investment. Such high ROI has led to cutthroat competition amongst various food delivery service providers. These food delivery service providers offer profitable opportunities for food disposable products such as tissue papers, paper straws and so on. Growing preference for takeaway food is rising thereby giving ample scope for expansion of the global paper straw market in the years to come.

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