Growing Clinic Setups in Developing Regions to Bolster Demand in Global Whole Slide Imaging Market

Whole Slide Imaging Market

Increasing incidence of multiple diseases has encouraged use of advanced technologies especially in the healthcare market. Moreover, changing demographics and skewed number aged population in few countries further increased integration of advanced techniques and solutions. One such example is seen in the global slide imaging market that has improved functioning and existing patient diagnostics imaging measures. Whole slide imaging devices are mainly used in digital pathology in clinical setup. Growing clinic setups in developing regions are also expected to fuel demand in the global whole slide imaging market in the coming years. Adding further to the driving factor, rising awareness regarding the benefits of using whole slide imaging has further augmented demand in this market, as they are better off than conventional light microscopes.

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Noticeable Developments Accelerating Growth in Global Whole Slide Imaging Market

• Increasing research and development activities to enhance whole slide imaging and high investment boosted growth in the global whole slide imaging market. Leading companies, institutes, and government organization are making deliberate efforts to enhance functioning of whole slide imaging devices. For instance, growing demand for Immunohistochemistry (IHC) that helps in detecting haptens or antigens in the cells of a tissue section. Use of this technique is widely seen in pathology to observe protein expression in tissue sample.

• The demand for whole slide imaging has increased mainly to study blood coagulation conditions to hematopoietic neoplasms. Moreover, pharmaceutical companies have also shown high demand for whole slide imaging products, as it helps in developing biomarkers.

• The cell imaging and analysis group, Genetix Group plc. acquired SlidePath Limited with an aim to strengthen their position in the global whole slide imaging market. With this acquisition, the company will able to deliver better products and extend their presence in different regions.

• Inspirata Inc. acquired Omnyx a digital pathology company, this acquisition will help in enabling delivery of an IVD device for primary diagnosis in Canada and Europe.

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