Growing body of Clinical Studies look at Feasibility and Safety of New Interatrial Shunt Devices

Interatrial shunts as a novel device-based therapy for treating heart failures have attracted the attention of interventional cardiologist, heart specialists, and the research community at large. Interatrial shunting has come to the fore in the treatment of various types of heart failures such as left heart failure refractory, right-sided heart failure (HF) or cor pulmonale, and structural defects such as atrial septal defect, patent forame ovale, and patent forame ovale.

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Growing Patient Populations with Chronic Heart Failure opens Scope of Commercialization

Advances in understanding the clinical potential of transcatheter interatrial shunt device in HF with preserved ejection fraction are unlocking new potential in the interatrial shunt market. Growing patient populations with chronic HF and growing body of randomized clinical studies are factors expanding prospects in the interatrial market. With more numbers of such trials lined up, device makers will unlock new potential in the not-so-distant future. HF patients even after receiving optimal medical therapy remain at risk, especially in cases where the overall clinical outcome is discouragingly low. This has given a huge scope to the evolution of interatrial shunting procedures.

Over the past couple of years, new routes of interventions have come to advance the potential of various devices in the interatrial market. Moreover, interventional cardiologist have been benefitting by adopting new technical approaches to percutaneous closure based on transcatheter closure. Moreover, growing adoption of implant techniques has augmented the market scope of interatrial shunts. 

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New Imaging Tools and Shunt Materials to Advance Interventional Cardiology

Advances in imaging tools in interventional cardiology and the advent of devices with novel materials will likely catalyze substantially lucrative prospects in the interatrial shunt market. Device makers are squarely focused on device advancements that can preserve shunt patency. The health care industry has come to recognize the burden of high-risk heart failure in worldwide populations. As a result, they are supporting research and studies with the aim of assessing the feasibility and safety of new shunt devices. Going forward, all these trends will shape the growth trajectories of the market.

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