Growing Awareness of Effects of Herbal Supplements in Building Immunity Key Business Proposition

Numerous health benefits of health supplements underpins investments by dietary supplement manufacturers. Consumer drive has gained momentum on the back of growing scientific evidence behind the role of botanicals. They have been found to help in managing various chronic conditions and prevent some diseases. The recent drive for complementary and integrative health is a key driver for the popularity of health supplements in populations of developing and developed regions. In this regard, Ayurveda has been attracting worldwide interest among people as a safe health system, in conjunction with Allopathy, to ward off wide range of diseases.

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In the wake of spiralling health impacts of COVID 19 epidemic that has engulfed almost the entire world, the inclination toward health supplements is only natural. This has generated abuzz among herbal supplement producers and processors. The growing awareness of the effects of herbs in building of general immunity of individuals in fighting against viral infections is bolstering the prospects of the herbal supplements market.

Focus on Shelf-life of Formulations Expanding Horizon

Various supplement manufacturers and dietary food producers have begun alluring prospective customers by offering their products in attractive formulations. They have benefitted from advances in processing of herbs and botanicals, and packaging them in products with high shelf-life.

Growing investments by Ayurveda manufacturing companies in herbal supplements has bolstered new avenues in the herbal supplements market. Further, the increasing trend of veganism has boosted the market for such products.

However, self-medication is a dangerous trend. People are sceptical of the vast purported benefits of herbal supplements in treating diseases or alleviating the associated conditions. Several times, the claims that new entrants make of their products are shaky at best. Nevertheless, growing awareness of the preventing health benefits of certain herbs among the general populace will drive their inclusion in routine nutrition, thereby boosting the herbal supplements market.

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