Growing Adoption of Green Energy is Boosting Installation of Solar Updraft Tower and Benefiting Solar Updraft Tower Market

Conventional power generation from natural gas, oil, and other non-renewable other sources is affecting the environment and rising concerns about the environment is driving exploration of research. These sources are non-effective when in terms of preserving natural integrity and environment safety for long duration. Many nations are investing more for finding too difficult for keep up with giving to produce energy demands.

What factors are influencing positively on the growth of the global solar updraft tower market?

Solar updraft tower technology is key renewable sources, which is expected to cater the increasing demand for clean and sustainable energy. Solar updraft towers use the principle of convection, where air is heated with the help of solar energy and further used for driving turbines and generating power through it. The solar energy is green energy and usage of green energy is growing over the conventional energy that is boosting adoption of the solar updraft tower market.

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High capital requirement is hindering the growing of the global solar updraft tower market. Additionally, the requirement of large area required coupled with the high initial cost incurred for constructing very large new structures of the solar updraft tower. This is again restraining growth of the market.

Which is the key consuming region of the market?

Regionally, the European region, is increasingly adopting the technology for small scale demonstration which is currently operational in Spain. North America is expected to collect significant share by approving and building in technology the coming years. however, Asia Pacific and especially countries such as India and Australia.

The some of the key players in the solar updraft tower market so far were Hyperion Energy and EnviroMission.

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