Green Chemistry Approach to Synthesize Silver Nanoparticles bodes Well

San Francisco, California, September 27, 2018 – The substantial drive silver nanoparticles use stems from the several novel physico-chemical properties these particles exhibit. The exploitation of these properties has led to the rapid evolution of the silver nanoparticles market. The utilization of unique physical, chemical and biological characteristics of silver nanoparticles makes it increasingly promising in a wide range of applications such as cosmetics, medicines, renewable energies, biomedical devices, and environmental remediation.

A report by TMR Research evaluates the role of the aforementioned trend and other key factors in the growth dynamics of the silver nanoparticles market. The report is titled “Silver Nanoparticles Market – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Trends, Analysis, Growth, and Forecast 2017– 2025”.

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The broad spectrum of bactericidal and fungicidal activities exhibited by silver nanoparticles make them exceedingly useful in nanomedicine. Moreover, the growth of the market is propelled by the substantial demand for silver nanoparticles in wide variety of applications in the medical and healthcare sectors such as medical device coatings, optical sensors, diagnostics, orthopedics, and drug delivery.

The vast scope of silver nanoparticles in nanoscience makes them potentially useful for a wide array of applications as antibacterial agents in healthcare-related products and myriad consumer products, such as plastics, soaps, pastes, shampoos, and textiles. In recent years, the market has increasingly benefitted from extensive application in food packaging, wound dressings, biomedical devices, and microelectronics.

Rapid strides being made in the nanotechnology are supporting the trend of product innovations in the silver nanoparticles market. The market is also receiving a sustained impetus from the adoption of green chemistry approach for biologically preparing silver nanoparticles. In recent years, market players have leveraged the potential of silver nanoparticles in therapies for enhancing the efficacy of anti-cancer agents.

Stringent regulations pertaining to the use of nanoparticles play a defining role in the overall dynamics of the market. The growing commercialization of nanosilver-related applications will precede lucrative avenues.

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Some of the prominent players operating in the silver nanoparticles market are Advanced Nano products, Bayer, Applied Nanotech, Nanoshel, American Elements, and Emfutur Technologies.

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