Google Employee Raises Eyebrows for Trashing Workplace Diversity Initiatives

Silicon Valley, mired as it is in allegations of blatant gender bias, racial discrimination, and sexual harassment, received another jolt recently, when an unnamed engineer at Google criticized its diversity initiative – something the tech giant has been working on after being criticized for underpaying female staff and being devoid of non-Asian people of color.

Employee Blames Biological Differences for Unequal Representation

The anonymous employee, in a document containing half-baked ideas, said gender gap in software engineering is, to some extent, a result of the inherent biological differences between men and women. The concepts aren’t exactly well-reasoned. He further added that discriminating to up the proportion of women employees in technology domain is equally biased and misguided as mandating increases for women’s representation in work-related and violent deaths, the homeless, school dropouts, and prisons. His moot point was that efforts to boost racial and gender diversity are divisive, unfair, and harmful for business.

Surprisingly Enough, Many Support Him

This bizarre take, needless, to add, was censured by most. However, what is most shocking is that Google’s own diversity officer and some employees reportedly sided with the anonymous engineer. Google employees anonymously upheld the employee’s views on an app called Blind, which is a platform for tech employees to talk about workplace issues. The document was first reported by Motherboard and published in full by Gizmodo went viral in no time.

Currently, about 70% of Google’s employees in the U.S. are male, 57% are white, and most top honchos are male again. Further, while Asian account for one-third of the workforce, others barely register.

Author: Rohit Bhisey

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