Good News for Chromebook Users: Access Microsoft Office Through Google Play Store

Via Google Play Store Microsoft office is now available for Google Chromebook users. This is a remarkable and very surprising move as both the companies Google and Microsoft, offer competing products relating to office productivity software. While users will need to subscribe to office 365 to take advantage of office Android apps, users with specific devices will be able to use these same apps for free. There is no formal announcement about the arrival of office applications on from books either by Microsoft or by Google. It was Chrome Unboxed to first spot the arrival of office through Google Play on Chromebooks.

All Chromebooks Released in 2017 Supported Google Play

It is for the first time that office is available for Chromebook users through Google Play in terms of general release. However, a report from ZDNet states that Microsoft Office has been accessible from the beta version of the Play Store to some Chromebook users. Microsoft had said last year that it will make Microsoft Office apps in full Android versions which will be available to all devices which are compatible. Last year, Google gave selected models of chrome OS the ability to support Android applications. However in 2017, Google promised all launches of Chromebook in 2017 will support Google Play. True to its word, Google ensured Pixelbook and Samsung’s new Chromebook supported Google Play. However, Microsoft had still not publicly given an updated time line for bringing its office Android apps to Chromebooks.

Users with devices who have screens that are 10.1 inches or larger will need Office 365 subscription in order to be able to use Android apps.

Author: Rohit Bhisey

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