Glycomics Market – Future Trends and Opportunities Analysis Report

Glycomics have risen in interest only in recent years among industry and academia, thanks to enormous understanding of genomics, proteomics, and metabolomics. Advancements in tools used in these have also pushed glycomics to the center-stage of biomedical research. Stridently, the life-sciences industry has been exposed to structural and functional analysis of glycans and glycoconjugates. Of particular relevance is their essential role in disease diagnostics and treatment, notably diseases that have afflicted humans for decades. Despite the astounding progress made in cellular biology, it is beyond doubt that still a lot is to be done for quantifying or characterizing glycome of a cell. The challenges in the inherent complexity of any glycome underpin a broad glycomics market outlook.

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Advancements in Techniques Help Release Glycans From Protein

Our understanding of biology of glycans and glycomics is constantly expanding, so are their scope in human biology and disease management. A recent glycomics market survey found that the opportunities are expected to expand to reach worth of US$ 3.1 Bn by 2031.

The fact that glycans behave in elusive but interesting ways in response to cellular and environmental states makes these a great set of molecules in disease biology. Of note, their roles in the disease diagnosis and for monitoring the efficacy of drugs are spurring R&D spending by leading players in glycomics market on evaluating their role as diagnostic marker candidate. The demand analysis of glycomics market found that the prospects are growing on the back of growing study on etiology of chronic diseases. Protein glycosylation is viewed as a significant even in impacting the malignancy and metastasis of diseases. Thus, companies are coming out with advanced characterization tools which will help release glycans from proteins in order to make high-throughput analyses of the glycome. Focus of researchers on correlating particular glycomes with specific diseases is thus expanding the horizon in the glycomics market.

Understanding of Gylcomics to Expand Horizon in Biomarkers in Diseases

Several Approaches Pursued for Bioinformatics—Moving toward Integrated Approach

Full structural analysis of glycans is a poorly understood topic, with structural diversity of glycans has for long overwhelmed scientists. Firms in the biotechnology and life-sciences industries are coming out with cutting-edge bioinformatics tools. Glycomic analysis is expected to shed light on novel approaches on discovering disease biomarkers and new therapeutic targets in cancer. A number of affinity enrichment approaches have proved to offer some respite in this regard.

Advanced glycan microarrays have been extensively tested by companies who wanted to tap into the potential in the glycomics market. Notable research initiatives have fueled the development in this direction. A case in point is efforts by the Consortium for Functional Glycomics (CFG) by offering valuable resources for studying functional glycomics. There is a need for integrating glycobiology into the other mainstream areas of biomedical research, notably including genomics and proteomics. This will unlock new prospects in the glycomics market.

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Role in Etiology of Multiple Diseases Attract R&D Investments by Heavyweights

The therapeutic applications of glycomics are enormous. Changes in state of glycomics have been linked to specific disease states, which has helped predict hard-to-manage diseases. A recent case in point is glycan biomarkers found in Helicobacter pylori which might helpful for gastric cancer. Not just for disease screening in patients, lycomic biomarker assays have shown promise for screen candidates for clinical trials.

Comparative glycomics is a fast-evolving field in disease biology. This will stridently open new frontiers in the study of bioinformatics and biomarkers of almost any disease, expanding the prospect of the glycomics market.

Protein’s glycosylation is likely to open a new vista in precision medicine. An understanding of the pharmacological interference in a treatment may help expand the scope of precision medicine for the patient. Thus, glycomic-based therapies underpin new possibilities in precision medicine enriching glycomics market outlook.

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