Global Healthcare Microchip Array Market: Efforts to Enhance Healthcare Boosts Growth, notes TMR

Transparency Market Research (TMR) presents a new business publication, titled “Healthcare Microchip Array Market – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast 2012 – 2018.” The report is a study of commerce of healthcare microchip array, prepared to aid stakeholders of the market such as hospitals, clinics, ambulatory services, and research laboratories among others. This is so based on the analysis of facts and figures pertaining to healthcare statistics gathered from accredited agencies along with appropriate adjustments for government policies that may impact these indices.

The report is a credible tool for its offerings. It is a comprehensive analysis of all the factors that will determine the course of healthcare microchip array market over the 2012-2018 forecast timeframe, and provides projections on which segments will proliferate over the remaining. The analysts of the report have provided details of potential demand that can be expected from key regions and countries, providing a through comparison of demand between each of them. The report has been compiled using industry-centric analytical tools such as Porter’s five forces and SWOT analysis and proven research methodologies. The report contains a chapter dedicated to the competitive landscape of the global healthcare microchip market, wherein leading players are mentioned and are profiled for their distinguished business attributes.

The report points out factors for the rising adoption of microchips in healthcare settings. Healthcare microchip arrays involves the use of advanced semiconductor technology to develop microchips for several types of healthcare applications. The amalgamation of technology with healthcare in this manner has revolutionary consequences to render cost effective healthcare services.

Microchips are used for constant monitoring of body’s condition wirelessly in a cost effective manner. The capability of technology to personalize healthcare and diagnose chronic diseases at an early stage is a key factor driving the healthcare microchip array market.

Some other growth drivers of the market include expanding home healthcare services and technological advancements in semiconductor technologies and medical devices. Apart from this, rising incidence of lifestyle induced diseases such as coronary artery diseases, diabetes, and obesity are also acting in favor of the market’s growth.

The report evaluates the worldwide healthcare microchip array market based on product type, end user and geography. The various end user segments that could divide the market are research laboratories, hospitals, government institutions, and others. The product type segments that could divide the market are high density microarray chips, low density, and medium density microarray chips.

Geographically, the report takes stock of the demand for healthcare microchip array in North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and Rest of the World. North America currently leads the market vis-à-vis revenue. The growth of North America market is attributed to early adoption of medical advances in healthcare practices and ardent efforts of the government to enhance healthcare.

On the other hand, Asia Pacific is anticipated to emerge as a lucrative market for healthcare microchip arrays. The economic growth in the region is fuelling the demand for betterment of healthcare generally, which includes adoption of technology driven diagnostic and monitoring devices. Cost effective medical devices attained through economies of scale and technological advancements have paved way for the adoption of hi-tech devices in cost-sensitive countries in Asia Pacific further boosting the market’s growth.

Some key players in the global healthcare microchip array market include Advanced Microlabs, Agilent, Akoni Biosystemsa, Affymetrix, and Advanced Liquid Logic

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