Global Cold Chain Market to Expand as E-Commerce Food Channels Gain Popularity

The demand within the global cold chain market is treading along an ascending graph in recent times. The relevance of cold chains in the food and beverages industry cannot be undermined. The sheer size of this industry has helped vendors operating in the cold chain market to capitalise on existing growth opportunities. Furthermore, the development of cold chains has helped in reducing warehousing losses, enabling food manufacturers to create room for new investments. Development of cold chains has been earmarked as a critical success factor for several industries, especially the ones related to storage of food products.

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In light of the trends stated above, it is safe to prognosticate that the global cold chain market would grow at a sound pace in the years to come. This blog by TMR Research is a sound description of the leading trends that have shaped the growth of the global cold chain market.

Cold-storage Trucks

The growth of the e-commerce industry has opened new avenues for revenue inflow into the global cold chain market. Several e-commerce channels are now equipped with cold chains in the form of cold-storage trucks and trolleys. When food products are transported over long distances, it is absolutely essential to maintain cold chains through the way. The development of cold chain vehicles is an important dynamic of growth across the global cold chain market.

Popularity of Preservative-blended Food Products

Over the course of the next decade, the total volume of sales within the cold chain and cold storage sectors shall increase. Growing popularity of food products that are blended with preservatives has created increased demand for cold chains. Besides, development of new and advanced departmental stores across cosmopolitan cities has also driven demand within this market.

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Some of the notable vendors in the global cold chain market are Lineage Logistics Holdings, Burris Logistics, Nichirei Corporation, and Agro Merchants Group.

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