Global Big Data in Healthcare Market to Expand as Digital Transformation in Healthcare Gather Swings

The demand within the global market for big data in analytics has been rising at a stellar pace in recent times. This owes to the wide-scale digitization that has offset across the healthcare industry. The healthcare sector has undoubtedly become the most relevant parameter for gauging the prospects of national growth and development across a region. Hence, it is legit to believe that the global market for big data in healthcare would expand at a stellar pace in the years to come. The need for maintaining records of patients’ data is felt across a variety of longitudes within the field of healthcare. This factor shall also play a major role in propelling market demand.

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Electronic Health Records (EHR)

Electronic Health Records have emerged as one of the most riveting technologies in the domain of healthcare. It has helped patients, doctors, and medical practitioners to a huge extent since its inception. Retrieval of patient data and medical history has become extremely convenient through the use of EHR. Since big data largely helps in maintaining health records, the demand within the global market for big data in healthcare is projected to rise. There is also a high possibility of renewed growth avenues such as data diagnostics and healthcare resource planning taking birth in the global market.

North America to Lead Market Growth

The market for big data in healthcare in North America has been expanding on account of advancements in the field of electronic health records in the US. Furthermore, healthcare is paid utmost attention in the region which has also propelled regional market demand.

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