Global Agritourism Market to Expand as Technology Transfer for Improved Farming gains Importance

The diversity of agricultural landscapes and farms across various regions has triggered scientists to undertake agritourism. It is amusing that agritourism has connected the agricultural sector of culturally different regions such as the Caribbean, the U.S., and India. Furthermore, agritourism offers key prospects for developing cross-border relationships which in turn can boost economic development. There is a stellar demand for region-specific crops in various parts of the world.

Vermont has emerged as a key center for agritourism, and the state has a prominent presence of brands such as Cabot Cheese and Ben and Jerry’s. This factor has led several other brands to find a way into the agritourism paradise of Vermont. Companies operating in the global agritourism market are expected to calibrate their strategies according to the changing buying patterns of end users.

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Scientific Study of Agriculture

Several agricultural scientists have made astounding revelations with regard to farming and cultivation. Hence, agricultural studies have become a key area of study assuming national significance. This factor has played an integral role in the growth of agritourism market.  Furthermore, the need for transferring agricultural technology across regions has also given an impetus to market growth. Agritourism ensures that best practices within farming and cultivation are learnt and adopted from affluent regions.

Asia Pacific to Helm Market Growth

Amongst the various regional segments within the agritourism market, Asia Pacific has attracted humongous demand over the past decade. The presence of large agricultural lands across India has prompted scientists from other regions to undertake agritourism to the region. Furthermore, governments across developing countries promote agritourism because it is a source of revenues for the economy. Other regional segments pertaining to the global agritourism market are North America, South America, the Middle East and Africa, and Europe.

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