Gigabit Ethernet to Improve Performance and Speed of Industrial Processes

So far, the common industrial Ethernet standard has been 10/100 and it has worked well for most of the industrial applications apart from the ones that require very high speed motion control.
Industries, however, now has been focusing on internet of things (IoT). With the advent of Industrial IoT, the number of connections have increased and the flow of data has been vast both in volume and value alike.

Better Security and Speed

Citing the importance of gigabit Ethernet, Rober Miller, director of the American chapter of CC-Link Partners Association (CLPA), highlights three causes as to why Gigabit Ethernet should have extensive usage in the industrial zone. According to him, speed/determinism, bandwidth, and cyber-security.

He also indicated that with the increase in the bandwidth, the performance is also improved with an increase of speed by 10 times as compared to any other existing protocol of similar nature. Furthermore, CC-Link IE comes with the highest available bandwidth at 1Gbps. Such a speed is needed to perform efficiently in connecting together some of the data-hungry processes.

When it comes to cyber-safety, CC-Link IE not only provides very high level of security by controlling standard I/O control but also energy management and motion control through the same cable. Thus, a flat architecture that is simplified and cost effective yet meets the needs of almost all of the application is offered by CLPA.

The technology that works on gigabit Ethernet has been designed as such that very high level of temporary traffic do not impact the regular cycle of communication. The technology is such that network update is done in lesser than even microseconds.

Author: Rohit Bhisey

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