Germans are Dissatisfied with National Digital Health, Finds SSC

Digitalization of healthcare can be futile if it is not satisfactory for end-users. In a recent study conducted by Sopria Steria Consulting (SSC) revealed similar details. SSC is a management and technology consultancy for European countries. The consultancy reveals digital transformation to not be satisfactory for healthcare in Germany . The study compared results from six countries to find Germany at the lowest rank in terms of satisfaction. The study suggests that people see value in healthcare tools such as Electronic Health Records and telemedicine. However, Germans display dissatisfaction due to national incompetence in implementation of these technologies.

 Premise of Study

 200 Germans were part of this study that is called the ‘European Study on the Digitalization of Healthcare Pathways’. Respondents from Spain, France, Norway, Great Britain, and Belgium also participated in the study. The study was conducted over the period between July 2018 and March 2019. According to SSC, digitalization of healthcare in Germany has been a matter of contention and debate. Several controversies surround the topic of digital health in the European nation. Only 27% of the population in Germany believes that digital health services have improved over the past decade. On the contrary, 44% people believe that the quality of digital health has deteriorated in Germany.

 Positivity Around Digital Tools

 The sentiment around digital innovations and tools has been positive in Germany. SSC finds that 77% of the population foresee improvements in digital tools used to evaluate health data. These tools include smart watches, apps, and other similar devices. The SSC also engaged healthcare experts from Germany to reach comprehensive conclusions. SSC found that Data security has emerged as a sensitive issue for Germans.

Author: Rohit Bhisey

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