Geriatric Population Pushing Swabs Market on a Higher Trajectory

Used for a number of applications in the healthcare sector, swabs which are medicated absorbent wipes are witnessing an increase in demand. Used as pre-injection cleansing, as part of first aid kits, and as wound cleaners, these form a part of the antiseptic components. Common antiseptics include chelorhexidine, cetrimide, and iodine. Often, swabs are also used with alcohol.

The increase in demand of swabs can be attributed to two major factors, which are contributing significantly to the growth of global swabs market. These are increase in geriatric population, and increase in infections and infectious viral and bacterial diseases such as the current COVID-19 which has nasopharyngeal swab testing as one of the testing methods.

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It is pertinent to note here that about a million people have been diagnosed positive so far and more are supposed to join this group as the virus infects more people. It is also significant to note here that about 90000 people have lost their lives due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Additionally, one in six people are set to be aged 65 and above by the year 2050, world over – 2 billion aged 60 and above by the stated year. Situation is expected to be grim for Europe and North America, where ageing is anticipated to be more pronounced than some other regions of the world. Here, one in every four people will be aged 65 and above over the same timeline. Additionally, it is worth noting that the older population is particularly susceptible to infections and also go for surgeries and procedures.

North America would dominate the global swabs market over the coming few years owing to a number of factors to increase in demand noted for swab sampling and environmental monitoring. Additionally, a marked increase in incidence of infectious diseases is also leading to growth in demand for swabs. Progress in the healthcare and pharmaceuticals is also paving way for a high growth trajectory.

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