Geriatric Population in Developed Regions to Expand Global Intracranial Stents Market

San Francisco, California, January 23, 2019 : The blood vessels expands due to accumulating fats, plaque, and various other substance it is important to reduce them, otherwise it can lead to stroke in either in the carotid artery or in an intracranial. To narrow down blood vessels, intracranial stenosis is used. The large number of patients suffering with this problem has lead the demand for intracranial stents at the global level. The use of intracranial stent or devices helps in regularizing blood flow within the blood vessels. Globally, there are two types of intracranial stents are available namely craniomaxillofacial implants and intracranial stents. These devices are widely used by surgeons in vascular surgeries, neurosurgery, and interventional neurology. Implantation of these stents helps in stabilizing blood flow and to the brain by opening blocked arteries. The application of intracranial stents is also used while treating patients dealing with angioplasty, brain aneurysm, and intracranial stenosis.

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Large number of geriatric population in Europe and North America has created huge demand in the global intracranial stents market. The elderly people have higher chances of suffering with brain diseases. Increasing number of accidents leading to head injuries, high blood pressure, trauma, atherosclerosis, and rising preference for smoking in developed regions has also boosted the demand in this market. Availability to advanced healthcare facilities and increasing investments by large hospitals for expensive and branded intracranial stents further benefitted the market’s growth.

On the other hand, the demand for intracranial stents is also high emerging economies due to rising awareness about the product, growing investment in the healthcare sectors by various private investors and government, and rising use of advanced technologies. Asia Pacific, Africa, and the Middle East are also expected to play a significant role is benefitting the global intracranial stents market.

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