Genotyping Analysis Services Market – Current Scenario and Future Growth Analysis by 2024

Genotyping is increasingly used to study genetic makeup and variation in the genotypes of various living organisms, such as humans, plants, and animal, including microorganism. Genotyping tests are extensively used in various development processes of drug discovery and in providing personalized therapies to treat a host of genetic diseases.

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There is an increasing demand for various genotyping analysis services across developed and developing regions. This is expected to lower the cost of these services so that it falls within the ambit of average citizens. The enhanced proclivity to understand the genetic make-up to understand the causes of different diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular ailments, and cancer, as well as the urge to know the physical build have led to the wide demand for these genotyping analysis services across the globe.

The report provides in-depth insights into the key drivers and restraints, emerging trends and opportunities, market share and size of key segments, and competitive dynamics. The research study provides analysis of the factors affecting the demand for genotyping analysis services in various regions. The initiatives taken by various biotech and healthcare companies to capitalize on the lucrative avenues in emerging market are evaluated in the report. The study takes a closer look at the investments trends in major countries and makes an assessment of the impact of key technological advancements on the strategic landscape.

Global Genotyping Analysis Services Market: Trends and Opportunities

The increasing incidence of genetic diseases, rapidly emerging demand for personalized medicines, price reduction of DNA sequencing, and intensive researches in genes and gene variants associated with rare diseases are the key factors driving the global genotyping analysis services market. In addition, increased application of single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNP) genotyping in drug development and genotyping of animal and plant livestock is aiding the market’s expansion. The growing demand for genotyping services from pharmacogenomics, diagnostic researches, and animal breeding is driving the market.

Genotyping of viruses or bacteria can be a useful tool in tracing the origin of diseases outbreak and controlling their spread. Intensive interest in personalized genomic analysis among the scientific fraternity and increased focus of various biotech and healthcare companies toward the discovery of personalized therapies are expected to fuel the steady growth of the market along the forecast period.

A spate of advanced technologies in genotyping analysis that allows researchers to make multiplex and parallel analysis of biological systems at all levels—cells, protein, and gene level-facilitates assessing a person’s risk of developing a rare disease. However, owing to substantial costs associated with whole-genome sequencing of any organism, genotyping of rare variants has emerged as a key challenge hindering the growth of the market to an extent. Nevertheless, development of microarrays that are cost-effective and have higher-throughput will open exciting opportunities for the market players in various regions.

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