General Laboratory Equipment Market – Latest Trends and Cardinal Growth Prospects

General laboratory equipment are used extensively used in various pharmaceutical and biotech processes for testing and research applications. Growing demand for cell culture experiments is a key trend driving the demand for sophisticated equipment. The general laboratory equipment market has thus made some remarkable technological strides to meet the demands for emerging applications in research and diagnostics. The evolving regulatory frameworks are key to shaping the product development lifecycle for manufacturers in the market.

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Demand for Low-cost Customized Equipment to Expand Horizon for Manufacturers

Some of the popular applications where general lab equipment are used comprise bio-burdening tests, microbial growth tests, and quantitative tests. A key trend that is enriching the landscape of the general laboratory equipment market is automation of functionality. This has enabled end users to minimize errors and improve the accuracy of the results. Growing range of automated general lab equipment for optimizing lab workflows has been a prominent trend during the times of COVID-19 pandemic in the past few months. Particularly, there is a pressing need for lab equipment that can prevent airborne contaminants to escape into the ambient environment. In recent months, players have also been focusing on meeting the logistical challenges due to COVID-19. Thus, self-contained workstations are a technological advancement spurring demand in the general laboratory equipment market.

Some of the other technological and design advancements relate to the development of portable equipment. One related trend is the demand for low-cost customized equipment among biotech and pharma companies. Advances in microprocessor capabilities in the electronic components used in general laboratory equipment are paving way to new revenue streams in the market. More than ever, manufacturers are keen on improving the personnel safety aspects for these lab equipment.

Some of the key players in the general lab equipment market are Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc., Danaher Corporation, Becton, Dickinson and Company, and Pace Analytical Services, Inc.

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