Futuristic Non-hormonal Contraceptives for Women

A new technology created by researchers in Sweden to tighten the membrane of the mucous which protects its inner lining can help in developing hormone-free contraceptives of women which have little side effects. The procedure involves the cross-linking of the gel in mucus with kind of polysaccharide gotten from chitin and called chitosan.

The resultant material makes the barrier created by mucin polymer mesh tight. It is the barrier that borders the mucosal epithelium present in the cavities of our bodies, says one of the researchers from KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm.

How it Works

The polymer helped to reduce the pace of diffusion of cholera protein and dextran polymers via the mucous gels, added the researchers in the latest edition of Biomacromolecules.

In case if the mucous barrier fails, it leads to inflammation of the mucosa. It is an issue with mucosa which can cause rhinitis, inflammatory bowel diseases, and acid reflux, among other syndromes.
While inside the cervix, the impervious mucous barrier becomes slack in the process of ovulation, which in turn allows the sperm to enter and consequently fertilize the eggs.

As per the scientists, the polymeric material can rule out the occurrence and thus thwart fertilization. This enables to have a contraceptive which is not formulated from hormones and hence has zilch side effects. The contraception can be in the form of a small vaginal capsule that can dissolve smoothly. In fact, the new method has produced results within a few minutes!

Author: Rohit Bhisey

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