Future Cars to Have Motor-Enabled Wheels?

Motor-enabled wheels are the next big development in the automotive industry. A start-up in Israel’s Tel Aviv city is relaying its concept of inducting motors in wheels. Apart from reinventing car engines, this technology can also pave way for ultra-powerful cars. Several tech analysts have termed this development as a “fundamental” change in car-manufacturing.

However, the concept of motored wheels is not nascent in any capacity. In 1900, Paris World Fair revealed Ferdinand Porsche’s unique car with motored wheels. The model’s front wheels were equipped with electric motors.

Now, the Ree Company has reinvented the concept of motor-enabled wheels including multiple drive components in wheels. Ree company’s motor wheels include brakes, sensing, steering, thermal systems, and suspension. Further, the company has developed a prototype with motored wheels and a basic platform. Also, the company can scale this basic structure into an off-road vehicle, delivery van, or passenger car.

Specifications of Motor Wheels

Roadshow revealed key details about the newly-developed motored wheel model. The prototype consists of a basic platform, a suspension system, and motored wheels. The simplistic architecture of the platform could help in mounting other structure on it. Further, the use of motored wheels eliminates the need for a drive unit that takes up the front space. Hence, the vehicle can have larger usable area for seating passengers or carrying goods. The CEO of Ree compared his company’s model to existing systems in the automotive sector.

Cost Advantage

The use of a single platform for motored vehicles can save humongous revenues for the automotive industry. Currently, multiple platforms are manufactured by Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). The procurement of a single platform costs up to 20billion USD for companies. Furthermore, motored wheels can also help in improving the performance, efficiency, and safety of vehicles. Designers are rethinking the seating arrangement in motor-wheel cars in order to optimize the increased space.

Author: Rohit Bhisey

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