Fusion Beverages Market Thrives on Growing Demand for both Taste and Nutrition

Growing consumer demand for a creative blend of ‘wholesomeness’ and ‘taste’ in their beverages together with an emerging trend of dietary assessments, the global fusion beverages market is all set to ride high.

The millennials long for experimentations, at times exotic and quirky, with food and beverage products. They look for both nutrition and taste while they savor good food and beverages. So far, fusion beverages have already made a name for themselves among the connoisseurs of food. Furthermore, growing inclination toward functional food among the food lovers is likely to offer copious growth opportunities to the global fusion beverages market. On the other hand, noticeable rise in the demand for fusion beverages is likely to create an environment for continuous innovation for the manufacturers .

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Natural Ingredient Infused Beverages to Gain Traction in Near Future

Fusion beverage producers are likely to thrive on the increasing inclination toward natural ingredients, this is likely to underscore their position in the global fusion beverages market. This transformation of moving away from anti-oxidant added beverages and movement toward natural ingredients infused beverages is making rapid progress. It is therefore, making placing the onus on the producers to utilize premium quality natural ingredients for their beverages.

It is the online platforms that are fast coming up as a one stop solution for consumers, wherein consumers can shop for a wide variety of products at economic prices. Most of the manufacturers in the fusion beverages market are strengthening their online presence in this highly competitive market to gain advantage over other products. Producers of fusion beverages are looking for high return on investment in this competitive market space and thus they are opting for making of innovative products. A case in point is Coca-Cola introducing Coca-Cola Plus Coffee No Sugar beverage in Australia. The beverage is sweet but is a sugar free drink.

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Another factor that drives the global fusion beverages market is the strong emphasis that is placed on ‘functional packaging’ of these products.  A packaging with a clean label, product transparency, and brand story are likely to gain traction in years to come.

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