Fully Functional and Self-Sufficient Robots are Driving Growth of Household Robots Market

Household robots are turning out to be increasingly becoming less complex and more usable due to the introduction of mechanical headways. This is helping to drive the acknowledgment and shopping request for household robots. Increasing interests from the consumers for a fully functional and self-sufficient machine that requires minimum human intervention is another key factor responsible for driving the global household robots market.

A household robot is kind of a self-ruling machine or an administrative machine that is mainly used for completing household tasks. These robots may also be used for stimulation, treatment, and instruction purpose as well. While the local robots are usually oversimplified, some of them are connected to home Wi-Fi networks and are highly operational.

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Some of the key developments in the global household robots market are listed below:

• In January 2019, iRobot, a US-based player in the market, announced the launch of its new household robot Terra. With this product, the company aimed at entering into the lawn mowing segment for the first time. Terra was equipped with high-end mapping technology and boasted cutting-edge navigation system.

• In April 2018, a China-based company, Ecovacs, announced the launch of three new vacuum cleaners. These vacuum cleaners could be controlled with the help of voice commands and have integrated voice assistants.

• In October 2018, Google and iRobot announced a partnership that will see iRobot’s products integrating with Google’s AI. This integration will allow users to able to control the robots using voice commands through different Google products.

• In 2017, Neato, one of the leading players in the global household robots market announced that it was acquired by Vorwerk, a German robotics company. This move has helped Vorwerkt to bolster its strategic operation across the globe. Neato also reported that the company will act as an independent unit with its own corporate culture and brand identity while being under the umbrella of Vorwerk Group.

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Some of the other key players in the global household robot market include names such as John Deere, Alfred Karcher, Dyson, and LEGO among others.

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