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The rising number of geriatric population is considered key to various diseases especially of the cardiovascular section. Such diseases are also a major reason behind a large portion of the annual death statistics. According to the World Health Organization, an estimated 17.9 million people worldwide die of heart diseases every year. These statistics indicate the fact that major developments have to be made in the cardiovascular sector so as to ensure more lives can be saved from heart diseases. The increasing number of heart diseases and diabetes stands as a key factor boosting the growth of the global fractional flow reserve devices market.

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A fractional flow reserve or a FFR is a process used for measuring the pressure differences in the coronary artery stenosis that narrows down on account of atherosclerosis. This process is called coronary catheterization and is used for determining the probability of oxygen delivery from the stenosis to the heart muscle. It is an invasive procedure that computes the most extreme flow down a vessel within the sight of stenosis contrasted with greatest flow in the theoretical shortfall of the stenosis. Although only a very few companies are operating in this market, the merger efforts and collaborations and intensive research strategies, the players are likely to gain immense revenue in the coming years.

FFR was at first applied in patients with dubious and middle of the road sores of single-vessel illness to survey hemodynamic importance. Apart from severe asthma for intravenous adenosine administration, there are not major complications reported for fractional flow reserve devices, so it may be the only challenge as of now. The setting up of fractional flow reserve devices was recently approved in the last decade for specific setups such as bypass grafts, diffuse atherosclerosis, sequential stenosis, ostial branch stenosis and bifurcation, left main lesions, acute coronary syndrome, multivessel disease, and others.

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