Food Companies Using Resistant Starch to Promote Human Health

Resistant starch has been an extensive researched market in food science and nutrition over at least seven years. The vast drive emanates from the potential resistant starch holds for promoting human health. In particular, businesses have been harnessing its potential in managing range of chronic diseases such as obesity, colon cancer, and diabetes. Providers of novel plants and starches have teamed up with food companies to expand their portfolio of resistant starch. Majorly, there are five types of resistant starch, and each attracts extensive research interest worldwide. In particular, botanical resistant starch has been intensively studied by industry players seeking new opportunities in the resistant starch market.

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These starches are resistant to digestive enzymes in intestines and later fermented by microbiota. Hence, they are considered as a promising nutritional intervention for managing numerous chronic health conditions. Countries such as the U.S. have been at the forefront of boosting research and development activities to increase the share of resistant starch in various food products.

Role of Resistant Starch in Diabetes Being Intensively Studied

The role of resistant starch has been studied in both type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes, hence expanding the revenues in the resistant starch market. In the former, they play a part in preventing vitamin D deficiency, whereas in the latter their role is to fight against insulin resistance. Their role in managing the cholesterol levels has led functional food companies market it as obesity management diet.

Among the various key geographies where the revenue streams are found, Asia Pacific is a key region in the global resistant starch market. The growth momentum is largely underpinned by growing consumer awareness about health and wellness. Moreover, increasing trust of consumers in adopting nutritional intervention strategies to fight against a range chronic diseases is also boosting growth. Further, functional food companies are setting their sights in untapped markets in Asia Pacific, thus reinforcing the overall revenue potential in the market.

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