Food Anti-caking Agents Market | Latest Trends and Forecast by 2030

Food anti-caking agents are usually used in packaged food products including seasoning & condiments, dairy products, soups & sauces, bakery, etc. to preserve and maintain the integrity of the food by avoiding the formation of lumps in the food product. There are several types of food anti-caking agents available in the market such as calcium compounds, sodium compounds, silicon dioxide, microcrystalline cellulose, magnesium compounds, and others.

The changes in food habits and the rising adoption of a sedentary lifestyle are contributing to the increase in demand for the global food anti-caking agents market. The growing consumer preference and consumption of ready-to-eat food products are boosting the further advancement of the market. An increase in the awareness of consumers and their inclination towards quick food alternatives improved quality, as well as a realistic timeframe of usability. The progressive expansion of interest in accommodation food is positively impacting the development of this market.

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Some of the key insights about the global food anti-caking agents market are given below:

  • The global food anti-caking agents market has five key regions viz. Europe, Latin America, North America, Middle East and Africa, and Asia Pacific that provide us with a better understanding of its working dynamics. Currently, the market is expected to be dominated by the North America region due to the variety and availability of food products in the region. Additionally, the presence of major manufacturers in the region is significantly contributing to the further growth of the market.
  • The leading players in the global market for food anti-caking agents are expected to witness strong competition in the coming years of the forecast period. Some of the leading brands in the global market include names such as Evonik Industries AG, Agropur Ingredients, PPG Industries Inc., Cabot Corporation, Brenntag AG, Univar Solutions Inc., and Solvay SA among others.

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