Focus on New Drug Development Strategies Enrich In Vivo Toxicology market

Toxicology studies, particularly human toxicity analysis—both in vivo and in vitro—are part and parcel of developing not just therapeutics but also agrochemicals and medical devices. Scientists and regulatory specialists are keen on unveiling drug development strategies in animal models. Focus on novel drug targets is a key aspect for the expansion of avenue in the in vivo toxicology market.

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Evaluations of carcinogenicity endow sizable revenue streams

Prevalence of cancer has stridently brought preclinical evaluations of carcinogenicity to the fore for researchers engaged with new drugs and agricultural chemicals. Industry players are making frenetic efforts to adopt best methods in and assays for genetic toxicology to assess the effect of molecules on human cancer risks. Businesses ramble with new methods of rodent bioassays to explore new revenue potential in the in vivo toxicology market.

One of the key agents for identifying responses to human cancer is chronic rodent bioassay data. The data are accepted by various global regulatory agencies such as the FDA and the EPA. However, limitations to experimental approaches have also arisen, nudging players to look elsewhere, for instance validating the results with parallel assays.

Growing science of science immune system toxicology boosts in vivo toxicology market

The expanding science behind immune system toxicology is a key trend boosting the prospects in the in vivo toxicology market. A new avenue is being pursued by players in electronic nicotine delivery products (ENDPs) where aerosols are used, such as e-vapor products. In vivo along with in vitro studies are used in toxicology studies before the market authorization of a specific ENDP. As smokers look for alternative categories in ENDP aerosols, such studies are likely to gain traction among market players.

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Another promising area with steady revenue potential is drug development. With growing number of toxicokinetic (TK) parameters that need assessment for investigational new drugs, the in vivo toxicology market is poised to make rapid strides.

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