Foaming Creamer Market Growing on Back of Rising Coffee Culture

Italian style coffee is booming across the globe and along with this the demand for foaming creamer is also on rise. This is because of its ability to fulfill consumers’ thirst for a superior cup of cappuccino, caffè mocha, caffè latte, shakes and so forth. Foaming creamers help quench a need for the perfect foam layer as it creates a beautiful stable foam layer on instant drinks.

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Foaming creamer attribute to a variety of dairy based powder used to create form in drinks. Non-synthetic foam creamer is derived from vegetable fat. The demand for foaming creamers are increasing owing to their ability to replicate sensory qualities of a delicious full-flavored frothy beverages. Likewise, there are several other factors driving the global foaming creamer market. Some of them are explained as below-

• Increasing inclination of the consumers towards coffee is one factor rising the growth of the global foaming creamer market. The best part of coffee creamer is it does not require addition modification in the coffee machine. It can be easily mixed with coffee bean powder and hence more and more coffee houses are adopting foaming creamer to make coffee more appealing to consumers.

• Growing lactose intolerance people is a major setback for the growth of the foaming creamer. However, to nullify these restraints key players are introducing synthetic foaming creamer in the market. They are made of trans fats, dipotassium phosphate, and other synthetic ingredient. Thus can go with lactose intolerance people. Along with this, synthetic foaming creamer are also available in number of flavors and aromas. This is further estimated to boost the demand for synthetic foaming creamer in the market.

• The increasing demand for foaming creamer in food and beverage industry is gaining attention of the global players. For instance Campina Kievit, one of the main global makers of drink and food ingredients, is now planning to invest in an unit on foaming creamer and other creamers in Philippines.

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