Flue Gas Desulphurization Market to Thrive on Increasing Level of Air Pollution

Flue gas desulfurization is a technology used in the process of isolation of SO2 or sulphur dioxide from the gases that come out from a flue in various industrial setups. Generally, power plants working with fossil fuel generate most of this gas. The process of desulphurization is carried out just before the gas is given out in the atmosphere. A rise in the number of airborne illnesses is likely to trigger development of the global flue gas desulphurization market in the near future. The procedure of flue gas desulfurization has gained traction owing to the alarming rise in the level of air pollution arising from the production of sulfur dioxide. As more sulfur dioxide mixes into the atmospheric air during the process of combustion, air pollution level rises. This factor is likely to open up new growth avenues for the global flue gas desulphurization market in the near future.  

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Increasing Number of Cement Making Units to Augment Growth of the Business

Increasing demand for electricity together with substantial investment made to improve the capacity of thermal power plants is forecasted to work in favor of the global flue gas desulphurization market in the forthcoming years. A rise in the captive power plant development in the heavy industries is further anticipated to drive the implementation of these systems.  Furthermore, formulation and compulsory adoption of strict air quality norms so as to diminish the emission level of sulphur dioxide is anticipated to amplify growth opportunities of the global flue gas desulphurization market over the forecast period. Countries across the globe have shifted their attention and streamlined their efforts to maintain healthy air quality as mandated by the government agencies so as to prevent various respiratory diseases and other related illnesses.

Cement is regarded as one of the major producers of air pollutants. Cement manufacturing units are many across the globe and many new units keep coming up here and there. With the increasing number of cement units, the demand for air purification solutions and methods are expected to rise. The rising need to diminish the adverse effects of cement industry is likely to augment growth of the global flue gas desulphurization market over the assessment period.

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