Flexible Electronics & Circuits Market | 360-degree assessment of every aspect associated with market growth

Flexible circuits or flex circuits and their more recent version flexible electronics have come a long way now. They have been extensively used in some form or the other in applications including electronics, retail, healthcare, and automotive. More commonly, flexible electronics and circuits are forming a part of flexible displays and sensors. All this underscores the vast revenue potential in the flexible electronics and circuits market. The growing penetration of flexible circuits in electronic circuit boards industry is propelled by some remarkable advances in flexible circuit fabrication methods. Flexible circuits are characterized by the use of flexible plastic substrates onto which electronic devices are mounted. Alternatively, flexible electronics is realized by screen printing silver circuits on polyester.

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Growing Demand from End User Industries

Various ways of manufacturing flex circuits have emerged, more commonly photolithographic technology. Another approach is sandwiching very thin layers of copper strips in between two PET layers. The study on the global flexible electronics and circuits market highlights key technology trends, new frontiers, major R&D projects by industry players, and the factors affecting their demand in various end-use industries. The report is a data-driven perspectives on the size of opportunities in various consumer segments.

Flex circuits are bendable and stretchable, opening it to vast utilization avenue in electronics meant for consumers in various industries. The global flexible electronics and circuits market is witnessing constant advances in methods of manufacturing and also with the choice of substrates. The focus is on bringing cost-effective products to the market. The rising market potential of interconnect electronic components for wide array of smart consumer devices is a key factor boosting the flexible electronics and circuits market. Some of the rapidly expanding avenues for revenue generation are in embedded automotive electronics and personal entertainment devices. A number of active and passive components can be integrates into the buildup layers of these circuits, which will open new frontiers.

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