Flat Glass Imparts Ecological Value to Architectural Applications

Flat Glass Market

Widespread use of flat glass in architectural and automotive applications have spurred advancements in their production methods. Of all the methods, float glass process has earned extensive popularity. Float glass produced using this methods find commercial use in construction markets, especially for decorative purposes for home application. The flat glass market has, thus, evolved on the back of advances made in materials sciences, leading to better processing and finishing of end products. Further, flat glass makers have been trying to bring constant innovation in processes. Advent of cutting-edge glass cutting tools is also boosting the flat glass market.

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Glass, especially flat glass, plays crucial role in meeting the energy saving needs of buildings. Moreover, the use of flat glass has been found to be useful in reducing the noise pollution. A notable case in point is demands for flat glass for providing soundproof glazing in commercial establishments. Thus flat glass comes with high ecological value to the overall construction industry.

Strides made in furniture and interior decoration industries in numerous developing economies have bolstered the prospects in the flat glass market. In developed economies, flat glass has been extensively used in parts of passenger vehicles, such as buses.

Growing Investments in Green Construction Work Spur Demands

Meanwhile, the most robust momentum for the buoyancy in the market comes from growing preference of flat glass among home architects. Growing investments in green projects have been fueling the demand for flat glass. On the other hand, manufacturers of flat glass in search of energy-efficient products. Use of flat glass in safety applications is also bolstering revenue generation of the market. They are also trying for substantial cost reduction, and hence unveil low-cost products. The wave of customization has imparted huge revenue prospects to well-entrenched players.

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Over the past ten years, the competitive dynamic in the flat glass market is undergoing marked shifts. Several new entrants strengthened their position on the back of augmenting domestic investments. Key strategies adopted are partnership, collaboration, and mergers. Apart from these, top players are also expanding their production capacities.

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