Fish Oil Does Not Play a Crucial Role in Improving Asthma Control among Teens or Adults

In a recent study, on fish oil supplementation in obese or overweight patients with uncontrolled asthma was published online in the Annals of the American Thoracic Society. Jason E. Lang, MD, MPH, with co-authors headed the research. They reported that by consuming four grams of fish oil every day for six months didn’t help in controlling asthma among obese and overweight individuals. This analysis came after it was measured through standard asthma control questionnaire, urgent care visits, breathing tests, and severe asthma exacerbations.

Key findings of the study:

According to Dr. Lang, obesity causes systematic inflammation, however, there are not enough insights on why asthma control is difficult among obsess patients. As the omega-3 contains fatty acids, in fish oil contains anti-inflammatory properties, researchers made efforts to test in case fish oil would have therapeutic advantages for these patients. Dr. Lang is the lead author of the report and associate professor of pediatrics at Duke University.

The study carried out on 98 obese/overweight participants between the age group of 12 to 25 years. All the participants were diagnosed with asthma and had poor asthma control, even though they inhaled corticosteroid to control their asthma. For every three participants were asked to take fish oil for 25 weeks and one was asked to take the soy oil placebo.

The gene ALOX5 was also looked into if it has affected study findings. Generally, a mutation in the gene can decrease responses to anti-leukotriene drugs. They are inflammatory molecules playing a significant role in triggering asthma attacks. The ALOX5 variant was associated with leukotriene production. However, it was not beneficial to fish oil in providing asthma control, as per the findings of this study.

Author: Rohit Bhisey

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