Fireworks Identified as Trauma Triggers for War Veterans

A recent study shows that fireworks could be a trigger for war veterans suffering from (post-traumatic stress disorder) PTSD. The study comes after several veterans who returned home spoke about how fireworks are reminders of the same sounds and similar smells as that are experienced in a war zone. Thus, they be equally scarring and can cause serious psychological damage. One of the individuals who was interviewed for the survey stated that she no longer celebrate the Fourth of July as she suffers from PTSD and her deployment in Iraq has had a serious impact on her psyche.

Triggers for Trauma Remain Unidentifiable
For the veterans the things seen, heard, and experienced can play on replay in their minds. Despite therapy, the lingering effects do resurface with some triggers. Unfortunately, these triggers cannot really be identified, which is why they cannot be circumvented. However, it was found at several sounds and smells are major triggers for many, causing the mind to play scenes from war to play on loop.

Spending time with their children, watching movies, and staying at home are some of the best ways to cope for these veterans. These veterans are still trying to be brave every time firecrackers are lit up. Though several suffer, coping with the issue is the only answer. A renowned psychiatrist from the Army urges neighborhoods to be cautious. The only point at which PTSD can be really worrisome is when one might take of aloofness and alcoholism to get over it. Unfortunately, that may never be the way.

Author: Rohit Bhisey

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