Fiberglass Fabric Finds High Application in Aerospace and Defense

San Francisco, California, October 08th, 2018 – The global fiberglass fabric market is predicted to increase growth due to rising application in several end-use industries. Increasing research and development for improving the application of fiberglass in different industry verticals could be another factor augmenting the demand in the global fiberglass fabric market. In a report by TMR Research, the global fiberglass fabric market is carefully analyzed on the basis of competition, market segmentation, and other important aspects. It bears the title “Fiberglass Fabric Market – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecast 2018-2028.”

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High heat resistance, strength, corrosion, and chemical resistance and other properties of special-purpose fibers are expected to swell the demand in the global fiberglass fabric market. Availability of fiberglass fabric in non-woven and woven forms could help support the demand in the global market. Satin, plain, and leno weaves are some of the popular patterns used to weave fiberglass fabric. However, the demand for twill weave is quite high in the industry, although it is one of the most complicated patterns in which fiberglass fabric is woven. Fiberglass fabric finds common applications in the defense and aerospace industry. It is used for manufacturing bulkheads, honeycomb structures, luggage bins, and seats.

Owing to its lightweight property, fiberglass fabric finds application in the manufacture of rotor blades. The demand in the global fiberglass fabric is foreseen to gain impetus due to increased use in the automotive industry in components such as switches and cables. Asia Pacific could be a standout region for the global fiberglass fabric market due to the rise of the industrial sector in China and India. Improved demand in end-use industries could be another factor working in the favor of the Asia Pacific fiberglass fabric market.

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The global fiberglass fabric market includes top players such as Owens Corning and Hexcel Corporation.

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