Femoral Head Prostheses Market Gaining Traction with Introduction of Robotic Surgeries

The femoral head prostheses is a spherical structure particularly used in artificial hip replacement surgeries.  With increase in number of hip implantation due to the sedentary lifestyle of the people the formoral head prostheses market is expanding at a rapid rate. There are several types of foremoral head prostheses available based on materials, surgical techniques, methods of fixation.

With advancement in the medical techniques, robotic foremoral head prostheses are introduced in the market. There are several advantages of robotic femoral head prostheses. Firstly, they customised to match patient’s unique anatomy. Secondly the procedure of implantation is quite simple. They require shorter hospitalization and lesser time of recovery. Due to this, several patients across the globe are opting for robotic foremoral head prostheses.

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Likewise, there are several other factors which are expected to offer a significant boost to the global femoral head prostheses market. Some of them are mentioned as below-

  • Increase in number of sports and adventure activities has increased cases of hip surgeries. This in a way has offered a substantial boost to the global foremoral head prostheses market.
  • Despite several drivers, growth in the femoral head prostheses market is hindered due to high costs, inadequate reimbursement and lack of skilled professionals to operate the device.
  • Further, introduction of new plastic liner foremoral head prostheses by the manufacturers to reduce implants wearing. This has offered several lucrative avenues for the growth of the global femoral head prostheses market
  • Furthermore, rise in number of research and development activities in the femoral head prostheses materials and rapid adoption of digitalization among by the practitioners are some strong factors expected to fuel the global femoral head prostheses market in the coming few years.
  • Moreover, rise in per capita income is another major factor that has improved the adoption of fermoral head prostheses market.

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