Favorable Regulatory Conditions are Key for Flourishment of the Global PVB Interlays Market

The global PVB interlays market is projected to witness a considerable growth in the coming few years. This growth of the market is primarily attributed to the increasing production of vehicles and strict regulations for safety glass made compulsory.

PVB interlays are made from polyvinyl butyl resin. This polyvinyl butyl resin has a wide range of properties such as optical clarity, toughness, adhesion, strong bond, and flexibility among others. Laminated glass is a type of glass laced with interlays. Such type of laminated glass has several end-use applications in industries such as automobile, construction, and photovoltaic. 

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The global PVB interlays market is has five key geographical segments namely Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, North America, and the Middle East and Africa. Of these, the global market is primarily dominated by the Asia Pacific region. This dominance of the Asia Pacifc region is primarily attributed to the increased installation of photovoltaic panels, booming building and construction industry, and increasing production of electric vehicles.

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The vendor landscape of the global PVB interlays market is a fragmented one due to the presence of several established players. The fragmentation is expected to grow in the coming years with the entry of number of local players. Favorable regulatory conditions are encouraging new players to enter in to the market. In addition to this, the leading players in the global PVB interlays market are focusing on product innovation and development to enhance their business portfolio. One such instance is the 2019 invention of strong laminated glass by Turkey’s Siescam Flat Glass. The company has been working on the development of the product for a long time. This new laminated glass is made of by combining two or more glass panels and has the ability to provide higher safety than the traditional laminated glass.

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