Fabric may be the new wearable tech for display of information, finds research

In an attempt for innovation in displays, researchers have found that clothes and fabrics are a medium to do this.

Called PocketView, the new technology uses LED lights to display basic information. The technology can function as a single independent piece of technology or could be incorporated into existing or next-gen smart devices.

To develop the technology, researchers created prototypes that imitate smartphones, key fobs, pens and other shapes and sizes. The display brightens through fabrics to display notifications for messages or email, time, weather or other types of basic information.

In fact, the idea is not display the entire information that are normally seen on the smartphone display, stated one of the associates behind the finding.

Meanwhile, these displays show minimal information. This ability is good enough for example, for walking or biking for basic instructions of navigation. Or if a message is received and divert of attention from what is being done is not desired. The display can be peeked and notification can be observed.

The new display technology is developed by a team of researchers in the field of computer interaction. One goal behind developing the technology is to develop devices that regular people want and need for which the team conducted mass public survey to obtain information on the design of prototypes.

Importantly, some of the results obtained from survey challenged the research team to rethink the shape, size, and functionality of displays. The different sizes of the display are important because a large volume of women’s clothing has small pockets. For example, a phone in the front pocket of a woman’s clothing can be uncomfortable. Therefore, to address this, having something small only allows people to have more options.

Author: Rohit Bhisey

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